March 3, 2024

About us

About BlogTimez

BlogTimez empowers communicators to identify and engage with key influencers, craft and distribute meaningful stories, and measure the financial impact of their efforts. BlogTimez is a leading global provider of earned media software and services to public relations and marketing communications professionals. Learn how to communicate like never before with the BlogTimez. Follow BlogTimez on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and on BlogTimez blog.

Fast Facts About BlogTimez

  • Founded: BlogTimez was founded in 2023.
  • Targeting: Every BlogTimez press release is targeted to specific keywords chosen by our expert editorial staff. Clients are able to further target influencers with specific geographical and industry distribution solutions.
  • Global reach: Our network can help you reach more than 15 countries in more than 10 languages.
  • Digital leads the industry organic search referred traffic which drives search visibility for press release content.
  • Online reach: BlogTimez network reaches more than 100 websites, including popular sites such as Yahoo! Finance, Market Watch, and Business Journals. Our global network reaches nearly 200 websites, portals, and databases.
  • Multimedia reach: BlogTimez network distributes multimedia to more than 500 websites.
  • Social media reach: BlogTimez supports worldwide social media distribution across the leading networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.